Hi CafeMoms,

My name is Erica Watson and I have been styling hair for over 10 years. But I do more than that, I CARE for my clients' hair. Are you too tired or busy to style your little one's hair? Does it seem like there's not enough time in the day? Or maybe it's just not your strong suit. Well I'm here to lighten your load.

I provide an experience different from that of the traditional salon environment and also provide hair knowledge to my clients and their parents. Let me teach you how to care for your child's hair in between visits all while in a relaxed environment. Every service includes a free deep conditioning treatment and I also have movies available for their viewing pleasure while they are getting their hair styled.

Depending on my analysis of your child's hair, there are also other treatments I can provide for an additional charge aside from the complimentary one. Also, I can recommend products for you to use at home to maintain the style and help continue to condition their hair. I am located in Harlem, however I am willing to travel to select locations for a small traveling fee. Services start at $30 and I am more than happy to answer any questions.

I also style men and women's hair ans can provide pricing upon request.

Still interested? Please email me at hair_by_erica@ yahoo.com or leave a message for me at 646 370 4774. Thanks for looking and hopefully I'll be seeing you soon!!


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