What MatchRate PLUS Customers Are Saying...

M. Weil
Business Owner

"Switching my processing to MatchRate PLUS has been an A+ experience from top to bottom. From the enrollment process to accepting payments I have been extremely impressed. Plus, I now get a percentage back from the commission generated on my account. I highly recommend MatchRate PLUS to any business that processes credit cards."

T. Dance
Business Owner

"MatchRate PLUS has been great for my business. I have switched all 5 of my retail stores in Dallas to MatchRate PLUS and the 20% back goes to straight to my bottom line costs. Telling other businesses about MatchRate PLUS is easy. All I have to do is get them to request information and from there the staff at MatchRate PLUS do the rest of the work."

M. Henry
Business Owner

"I am now earning 20% back from the commission generated on my own credit card processing account. I am also building a residual income as an Affiliate with MatchRate PLUS. I highly recommend and share this opportunity with other people I know. And I know this type of model works first-hand because we enjoyed $60K+ per year in extra income for many years with the simple "tell a friend" sales model."                                      


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Cathy Malloy

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