As many of you know I write about my Rockie and her fight with COPD at the age of 18. We been on this journey with her from birth but didn't know until the age of 16 when she almost died. We have gone down the road of every breathing treatment and many hours in the ER praying for another day with our Rockie girl.

Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with me, I get a phone call from her all happy about the new prom dress she got, I cry. She calls to tell me about grad and ordering her cap and gown, I cry. Rockie tells me to sell tickets so she can go to sober grad, I cry. When I sit at home and think of her, I cry. I think about how proud i am that this little fighter is actually going to go to college, I cry. She talks about her future and the things she wants to get done, I cry. I think of the luck that we found a shot that makes all this possible, I cry, I am not a crier I am the one that stands back and smiles and moves on.

I wondered why I cry its not because I am sad its I never been so grateful in my life. I am touched by so much and so many. As I get ready to watch my daughter gradate from high school I will be the most touched parent there because of all the people in her life that fought to save her life over and over. I will be touched to see her smile at the best job she's done. I don't care about the honor roll or the many friends because she's a great kid. Its because she touched my heart.


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