one year ago today i walked in on my husband having sex with another women in our bed.

It feels longer than a year and shorter at the same time. Things are much better now, I don't cry everyday, both of us have worked hard on our marriage.

It still hurts, sometimes so much that it is hard to breath, but i can go a day or two without thinking about it. I trust him more than I thought i would ever again. Now I can go weeks without checking his facebook or cell phone. I don't flinch every time it rings or he gets a text message. i don't think i will ever get back to the way i was before, but maybe i can be close.

Now it is time to put the memories back where they belong, and start year two of recovery.

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Apr. 11, 2011 at 8:37 PM

wow. i'm sorry you went through this. you're a very brave woman. i don't think i could trust a man who cheated. i wish you the best of happiness.

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