Ok I dont even know where to start this journal. I am not sure what I am asking even. My daughter is 11. She has been having some really weird dreams and things lately. I will start with the first. My uncle became very ill last year and in December we were on our way to his home to be with him and we were almost there and she said : mom he is already dead. He really is mom. I said : No you dont know and we havent talked to nana or papa so we dont know. We get to my uncles house just a few more minutes later and my dad meets us out side and said sis he is already gone. He died just about 5 minutes ago! Of course I was hurt but I was shocked as well... My daughter already knew.. how did she know this??

All week my daughter has been coming to me in the night with nightmares about her dead aunt. She said mom... they are driving me crazy we have to do something . She said in her last dreams , my aunt was very thin ( she weighed about 350 when she died) and she was wearing a yellow dress and she had on yellow lipstick and she was laughing her head off lol. I said well that just means that she was happy!! Then I called my mom and told her all this ... she said today is one year to the day that she died. I knew this but I just forgot. Her favorite color was yellow. So when my daughter comes home from school today she said mom: God told me not to worry cause she is happy soooooo happy where she is! Is there something going on with my daughter or what ??? Its really bothering me for her. She is so young and dont understand either,. Any insight or advise would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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