How is it that men can be soo disrespectful? Well anyway I was just notified by one of my friends that when they got together with my boyfriend of six years it turns out that there's a lot that I don't know about him. He proceded to tell my girlfriends husband that he had no respect for women, that when he goes out with his friends that he role plays with that they play with each other... He told chuck (my best friends husband) that what I don't know what hurt and that there's a lot that he's hiding from me. He say's that even though he plays with men and women he also has a girl friend that has wanted him to marry her but he keeps putting it off because the kids are to young. This man hasn't worked since he got layed off over two years ago. I have done nothing but support his ass. After working my ass off at work ( where I"m a nursing assistant at a nursing home) then I come home manage the kids and clean house the best that I can. Do you all think that it's possible that chuck because he didn't like my man make this up or do you think that I need to face the facts and that this is wrong... I'm already going to a clinic to have all the std test ran... which I haven't done in the last three years seems how he was the only one I'd been with. I have already confronted him with it and ofcourse he denied it. He reacted the way that I thought that he would and then he said that he's just over welmed because he hadn't had the chance to do his thing and when he did he got sick and soo they thought that I poisioned him. I feel so betrayed and yet still holding back the what if it's not true. but then again... my head is saying one thing my heart is saying a nother. Advice please would be greatly appriciated... I have two boys with this man... and chuck told me that when they got older where he didn't have to change diapers that he would take them to his girl friends house and that they would get married and be a family. ugh.... anyway.... thank you for at least letting me vent.

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Apr. 11, 2011 at 11:15 PM

I don't know girl. Men can be very tricky. I recently found out my man likes to wear women's underwear. I say if he has ever cheated on you, ditch his butt! You are already an independant woman taking care of the house, kids, and his broke butt. If he didn't cheat and hopefully doesn't play any games, tell him to get a freakin job! seriously. what respectful man doesn't have a job? there is a sense of pride a man gets when he goes to work and can pay the bills. but honestly something smells fishy and i wouldn't trust him. i know you probably love him, but he doesn't love you if he's cheating. and do you really want a broke, cheating, loser for a boyfriend? you can do so much better!

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