OK let me intorduce myself. I am Melanie, a Single mom of 2 wonderful kids. I live in Seminole Florida and work from home. I an an Independant Scentsy Consultant www.MelanieBarton.Scentsy.us and I also have a Custom Gemstone Jewelry Business. To see my Jewelry look for Silver-N-Pearls on Facebook.

I have a team with 2 other Scentsy Consultants here in the Tampa Bay Area and am for sure looking to grow my team, but more importantly I am looking to share Safe Scents with the moms of the Tampa Bay Area. I know that many moms love to have their scented candles lit to keep their homes smelling nice, to cover up the smells that come out of our kids, and to relax after a trying day. Did you know that you are only supposed to burn Jar Candles for 2 hours at a time max? Did you know that burning them longer than that can cause the jar its self to actually EXPLODE?? I am sure you have all read about a home burning down due to a candle being knocked over, exploding, or just catching something too close to it on fire. I am sure you have also read in some of those stories about the loss of lives, including children in those fires. It is heart breaking! The worst part is that it is 100% Preventable!! I keep scented wax warming in my house for 14 hours a day most days and I never worry about a fire. I also never worry about one of my kids knocking it over and getting burned by hot wax because Scentsy Warmers warm the wax at such a low temperature that the wax is only, get this one, 1 degree over body temperature!!

So you use Jar candles, they probably cost about $20 each and burn at 2 hours at a time. What if you could spend $5 for a bar of Highly scented wax that you can leave warming all day and night that lasts for up to 90 hours? Please give me a call (my number is on my web page  www.MelanieBarton.Scentsy.us  ) and I will give you a 10% discount on your first order or a FREE GIFT! Just call and make arrangments to come over, have me over, or meet somewhere for a coffee to smell some testers and have a look through a catalog with me.

Want to make extra money staying home and raising your own kids rather than putting them in day care, or just contribute a little money to the household? The Scentsy is the right move! I LOVE being an Independant Scentsy Consultant! I love the extra income, most of all I am passionate about the product and promoting Safe Scents. It is only $99 plus tax and shipping to become a Consultant and you get a ton of products and all the business materials you need to start your new business.

I am looking to grow my team, if you live in the Tampa Bay Area you can join me and my other 2 team members at events, always have your sponsor close when you need help with anything or just need to swap out product that you need for a customer. If you live oustside the area, that is fine too. I will always be available to answer your questions, keep you motivated, give you fantastic ideas on where to drum up new business and recruits, and help you grow your business.

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