I saw Dr. Drew on twitter promoting an author's book...something to do with helping young women become ladies (do well in the world). I think that is a great thing but I was thinking. I never saw books like that growing up, im 27, especially none targeted to black woman.

I knew I could be anything and do whatever but the only books that were available delt with teen moms, drug abuse, gangs, or other things I never dealt with. I wasn't a precious. I lived in a not so good area but I never let it affect me so I could not relate to those books.

Even as a young adult I still do not see good books target toward my situation. Most of the women in the books are giving tough love which is something I don't need. I never grew up in the streets so I don't need to be talked to like I did. It very hard to find good sound advice for black woman.

sad it is that way. We are one of the most beautiful creatures on God's green Earth. I get so angry when i see beautiful black women taking b.s from loser dudes. None of them beliving in themselves because they are conditioned to think a life of poverity is ok. More black woman should not except excuse from men, from their families, from themselves as why they must "sit back and watch".

I was talking to a black guy about President Obma won. i was like ok now a black man ran so now a black woman can do it too!! he was like whoa whoa whoa let's not get to ahead of ourselves.

Like what does that mean? He, a black guy, rather a black woman stay in her place-the background? Was he thinking black women aer not that smart? Cause you don't have to be a rocket scientist to do that job. Was he saying that black woman can't acomplish big and great thigns? I hate when black men (especially) keep that slave/ignorant attitude on going.


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Apr. 12, 2011 at 11:16 AM

Woww... I can say that Im not really surprised to hear such a thing.. especially about the fact of us african american women not achieving our full potentials in life.. Life who are you to degrade on what we do.. We already doing so much as mothers & wives now we cant take it to another level!? Ha! Please this doesnt stop us.. Jus keeps us going!!

The other part is the book issue.. I do wish we had more inspirational books especially for black girls.. There is all types of stereotypical things that people say about us much.. but there is really is no guidance for them.. Having a daughter has brought me to an understanding that Im going to be a great mother, friend, guidance, heroism for her.. I dont want the public to show her things that I cannot express to her already.. Ha! I could write all day about this topic.. Just gets me mad..

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Apr. 12, 2011 at 2:01 PM

Yeah like you don't have to be the next "ghetto boo". lol I know I had a hard time with wanting to date outside my race. People give black women more stank for dating outside of their race. Like people would call me a sellout or I am doing it just for the money. Like dang we are only in middle school...what is money??? lol There are so many stigma's in our society it's not fair. Black women can think and be outside the box.

I have an aunt that said to me because I do not represent or talk about that I lived in theghetto for a bit and date white men I want to be white? Like wtf??!!! I hated the ghetto. I hated everything about it and because I was a minor I had no choice but to live there. Living in the ghetto isn't something I'm proud of or ashamed of. My aunt can't talk about men she has dated some real losers (crackhead, abuser, former crackhead with 16 children) so yeah she is a nobody hating on somebody brave enough to do what she likes.

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