Wow.  I can't remember the last time I weighed this little and felt this confident.  I know I still have some to go, but even getting this far feels good.  I started at 170lbs in Feb 2011.  I've lost 24lbs so far!  The weight that bothers me most is obviously in my stomach, and you can't target a spot for weight loss so I'm trying to deal with losing my legs and butt lol.  I'm thinking if we start going on evening walks, it'll obviously help the entire family!  So, should we do an evening walk BEFORE or AFTER dinner?  I run a home daycare and the latest they are usually here is 530-6pm.  We'll typically eat dinner between 6-630pm.  Also, I'm having to cut into my surgery money....that REALLY upsets me.  I obviously won't need it as bad as  did before because I've lost weight and continue to lose it, but I still need the SmartLipo to tighten the skin around my belly button and help reduce stretch marks.  Not unless you know any creams that DO that!  I've heard preparation H will help tighten the skin and some Stretch Mark Prevention cream or something idk.  Any suggestions?  I've tried mederma before and I loved that it wasn't greasy and it dried quickly but I didn't use it like I was supposed to so I'm not sure if it really helped.  I think because I'm going to have to use my surgery money, just go all out and go to a tanning bed which I know will help(i know it's bad for me but i won't be doing it for long and i'm not really going to get TAN, I'm going to help lighten my marks.  Once my stretch marks are lightened, they won't be such an eyesore). 

But, more good news...we're so close to finishing the shed.  And yesterday's weather was great so I got some sun AND yardwork done.  Cannot wait for us to be done with it,  I want to get another grill and actually start entertaining this spring and summer.  Anyone want to offer to help? lol.

The usual, I can't wait until summer so I can get into a bikini comfortably.

Oh, one thing I hate is that I can't binge eat blah.  Everything HAS to be cut, or cleaned, or cooked, or prepared and it takes time to do that.  Instead of just opening the fridge or cabinet and getting something to eat immediately(other than fruit or yogurt or something).  I usually pre wash and cut the fruits and veggies but it's so annoying lol.  I miss fast food.  All the time.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still losing this weight eating fast food and going out dining.  We have take out or eat out once a week(sometimes two times).  We had pizza two weekends ago, and chinese food this weekend.  It's okay to have the foods you love, just in moderation.  I didn't eat 5 slice of pizza like i used to, and i didn't eat all my rice and chicken and stuff. Diets are boring, but I'm learning to spice it up a little!

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