Do you enjoy learning things? Enjoy looking up answers to Trivia Questions? Are you smarter than a 5th Grader? Are you a Team player? Enjoy Friendly Competition?

If you said "YES" to most of these quetions, then you just may be addicted to Trivia. 

Come join us at Trivia Insanity where we are insanely addicted to trivia. Where we love to post questions and see if others can come up with the answers.  Where we (in our competition forum) play on teams. 

Our group needs more active players, if this is you, come apply today. 

Our group is Drama Free.  On a 60 Day Activation guideline.  You must apply to play inside our competition forum and willing to post a few questions per week.


Join Trivia Insanity Today and start having fun.

Thank you.




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