Thanks for hanging with me throught his guys!

After today dh and I will continue the 6wk 6pk dvd and (until we find something better)rotate levels on the shred. Which will up us from working out 20mins a day to working out 50mins a day. 30 in morning, 20 afternoon..

I will make a post in 3 and then 6wks to show you guys the results of the 6wk 6pk:0)

If anyone has any exercise videos they'd like to recommend, feel free!!!

And without further ado(and we all know you skipped all this and went straight to

2wks ago


2wks ago


2wks ago


Not quite there...BUT almost!

42- I had a day of rest today...ok...ok..I had sex instead of working out..But it was hot raunchy sex so technically, I still worked out! Can I get a WOOT! LOL Pics tomorrow!(of me now, not of me having sex...pervs....)

41- Dh did the abs video this morning:0)

We also did our shred this afternoon...Never thought I'd say this, BUT I am getting kind of bored with it myself..LOL DH is suppose to look for something to replace it, simply because I am ok with sticking with JM and he hates her! LOL Her voice grates on his nerves! LOL..

I did look into her newest video shred it and the reviews basically said it's just a slightly updated version of 30 day.. :( <---sad

I need recommendations ladies! PLEASE! LOL

I will post pics in 3 days and then I will move this to my journal:0)

I may do a pic only update in 3wks(from now)and then at the 6wk mark of the 6wk 6pk video..Just to show you guys it's working! But, I don't plan to do daily updates of that here(probably will in my journal just to keep track of my days)

3 more days and I will have officially accomplished 30 days shred:0)

40- Did the 6wk 6pk this morning all by my lonesome..Dh was in a pissy mood and didn't want to work out.. He seemed surprised when I workout without him..LOL

Hey it was a NICE bitch free workout! LOL

I was smart enough to do the shred tonight after dinner.. Dinner of which I over ate..Yeah I threw up in my mouth a little during the workout...Tmi, I know...oops! LMAO!

39- I came I saw, I conquered! LOL..

I REALLY like the 6wk 6pk.. I know I have already said it, but I do!!!

Still shreding the shred-level 3- until dh finds something to replace it..

Ate a crap load of pizza tonight...

38- We started the 6wk 6pk this morning!!! Would have been great except Dh was a big complaining pussy....oops..Did I say that??

Workout today is great. Dh is ready to move on to greener pastures! I told him to find me some fresh grass!

Here I am dancing with dd today at her school Musical! The  belly is from the 7pieces of pizza I had for lunch.. I refuse to feel guilty.. I gave up Taco Bell DAMNIT!

37-eek! Missed a day...*CRIES*

36-Dh claims to be bored with this workout...Yet he has yet to make it all the way through without stopping...LOL

Didn't start 6wk 6pk today because dh and work and blah blah..If he"can't" start it tomorrow, I start without him! LOL

35- I like the walking planks and the traveling pushups...Is that weird?

Didn't start the 6wk 6pk..Dh's work schedule was messed up.. Starting tomorrow...I hope...

34-Dh is officially addicted like me! LOL We are going to start doing the 6wk 6pk dvd in the mornings and the shred in the afternoon's...LOL

33-Had some pre-workout sexing...I mean "stretching"...So, working out wasn't so bad..I was all revved up!!! All the jumping is still hard on my knees.. But, other than that, I am LOVING level 3! I have been feeling REALLY sexy lately(even though I am still not quite there with the abs)and it feels great to feel sexy again! Here's hoping the 6wk 6pk finishes off what the 30 day Shred doesn't, on my abs! 10days left!

I think I will start doing the 6wk 6pk in the mornings and different levels each day of the shred in the evening, when this is over.. Until I find something else anyway!

32-Warning to anyone doing this or wanting to(and hasn't gotten to  level 3 yet)..Level 3 is REALLY hard on your knees!!! LOL.. I have to do Anita's version of a LOT of the moves, simply because my knees hurt so bad  otherwise...

Other than that, I am loving level 3!

31- Well worked out late like 930pm late...We were literally gone ALL day.. Busy day...But, I didn't want to skip a night, so...LOL It's done... I am hot and sweaty and I didn't even get any sex out of it! LMAO

30- What can I say about level 3...First off, I wish I had never left level 2...Second-I haven't been so close to actual tears since level 1..LOL.. Circuit 1 of level 3 is pretty brutal..then most of circuit 2 is no big deal...Then you get to circuit 3 and you are ready to throw in the towel..LOL.. There is a LOT more jumping in level 3.. The ab exercises(in circuit 1 and 3 anyway)are harder. Cardio wasn't to big a deal.. Some of the old stuff holding weights and a couple not that big a deal new things..LOL

It's defintely the hardest circut.. If I could label them I say if shoud be 3,1, BUT, 1  could have been hard just because I was so out of shape!.. I am a little intimidated about the 6wk 6pk after experiencing the ab exercises in level 3 of this..LOL..

It takes a LOT out on your knees in level 3..So any one doing the shred, be prepared!

I am shaking and my knees ache..But, I am game for tomorrow..13days left of this challenge!!!!

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Apr. 12, 2011 at 10:34 AM

congrats! I wish I had thr follow through you do  ut I admit...I am highly unmotivated.

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Apr. 12, 2011 at 11:07 AM

wow, you look amaZing!

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Apr. 14, 2011 at 4:00 AM


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