I would put some away for the kids education and probably get them music lesson and sport activities. Then I would plan a great vacation for us every year for 10 years. and then invest the rest as to retire early.

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Apr. 13, 2011 at 10:29 AM

I'd get  our Health taken care of for my DD's, DH & Myself. Cancer, Chemo,  & Radiation causes so many brutal, disabling Damages!! I'd also fix our home, cars and get these needful things! I'd finally be able to work on alternative wellness and eating decent food and safe Water! I'd help out all of my Friends and the family I made for myself. And believe if I had that kind of money. Perhaps I could find & meet my Dad and any family if I have Any!? I'd restore my old car!! Both of us have Cancer! So good repairs would be Great. And while I'm Dreaming & spending Wisely.. DH & I would have Finally a Honeymoon & vacation. We'd finally have Hoopla' & some Nice Rings!! After over 30 Years of Marraige. It would be nice if our day would Come! I'd be sure I'd spend wisley and help out needful people & causes! Not go overboard on anything! Since we will have NO income! This couldn't come soon enough! Best of Luck to all getting theirs!pink ribbon

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