It is awful! We cant get along. We can agree on anything. He is oblivious. UGH!!! Its frustrating to me. I want to walk away as far as I can from him. I cant stand spending time with him. He makes me angry, frustrated, stress out. How can I live with him? I'm so happy when he is not around me? The funny part is that i know i love him with all my heart but he is so freaking annoying. 

Sorry for this rant but i had to get this out. I know we are different but he will not get out of his ways to meet me in the middle and that is making me angry. I want more organization and less clutter and he doesn't care. It drives me freaking nutssssssssss. Since I'm here looking at the damn clean clutter. Things he hasn't used in months. He is a procrastinator and im freacking not. It drives me nutsssssss.

Now after writing for like a 100 time that he drives me nuts i feel much better.

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Apr. 12, 2011 at 11:37 AM

Just move his stuff when he is not home. Don't throw it out, but move it somewhere else. It is important to meet in the middle 50/50. If your unhappy about something though, fyi... yelling or approaching someone in an angry manner doesn't make them want to fix the problem. I'm not saying you do that, but I just know from experience. I got my man to finally fix our air duct in our room yesterday. lol... My tactic was making him feal guilty, wich he should bc he's a district manager for Lowe's. Lol... but anyway... I used to be happy when my ex wasn't around and he really annoyed me, that's why he's my ex. If you really love him maybe you should sit him down and both of you tell each other what you expect or want from one another with the relationship, that way there's no miss communication.

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