All of the organizers were overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm that all the volunteers brought to our first 5k ALS fundraiser. We had great weather, incredible supporters and raised $10,000 with over 300 runners. Not bad for the first year! (yes, next year is already in the works!)

Putting this event together was always a dream that I had- especially since I've been participating in lots of local run events and discovered how fun and addictive they can be! Being involved with DSYS gave me a reason to try to put a fundraiser together. Knowing first hand how expensive it is to participate in athletics, I really wanted to see if there was more that I (and Curry's) could do. I discussed this with some local experts- LJ White (Virginia Run Tri) and Lisa Smith (Founder and past Race Director for Stone Ridge 5k). When I discussed this with Debbie York, President of DSYS, she became excited and suggested that Julie Jasper (Track and Field Commissioner) get involved and tie-in fundraising for ALS. The rest just involves lots of hard work by tons of awesome and incredible volunteers.

There were several Freedom High School Football players who used their brawn to move some of the big stuff- like the world's heaviest helium tank! They were awesome and had such great attitudes for an event early on a Saturday morning. The South Riding Club came out to just help where needed and I was so impressed by their support and willingness to help. They also manned one of the registration/pick-up tables. (check them out). I'll post my first ever run report soon that has more details about the run later. We also owe the Curry's Race Team members a spot on our Wall of Fame on our website. This will be coming soon.

Mark your calendars for St. Patrick's Day 2012. Next year's run will be on St. Patrick's Day and will contain green stuff and a pot of gold PLUS a USATF-Certified course! Due to lots of positive feedback, the 2nd annual 5k will be better, bigger, more fun and will have another roving reporter on the course! If you do have any suggestions, I'd love to hear from you! (

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