Discipline...more of an act of courage.  What will it take to get what we want?  What will we have to give up to get it?

When you started having children, did you have to make that decision to dedicate your life to them and put them first?  To most of us moms, that is simply a no brainer right.  We all sacrifice our lives to give what we think is best for our children.  Well what about your new job, school, or what about your passion as a mom to go after your dreams.  We are all passionate about something and for me that passion is my kids, but I also think it is important that I stay happy. 

We teach our kids discipline everyday and tell them what is good for them, what is wrong and right, to share, to treat others with respect, to help others, etc.  I think it is also important to teach our kids to be independant and to learn from their mistakes.  I we are their role model right.

In recent months I have learned that most of us are spoiled and we want things because we just want them.  I own my own business and do well, however, recently I had a moment of emotional breakdown. Even though my life was going in the right direction sometimes these roadblocks form and we seem off track and get a little lost.  We don't like change so we try to avoid it, instead of embracing it. 

Sometimes we need to sacrifice something to get what we want even if it means taking our kids out of baseball practice, or not watching our favorite show for a while.  Sometimes you just can't have everything you want at that moment you want it, it must be earned.  Spend time working to get yourself where you need to be and all that will come later, your kids won't even know they missed it.  Sometimes discipline can be hard even on us adults, and it takes courage.  Courage to change the things we can now to have what we need and want later.  What sacrifices are you willing to make to get what you most desire?  Do you have the courage to discipline yourself till you reach your goals?

I hope you find this helpful.  I think we all deserve the right to follow our dreams, but with every dream comes risk and sacrifice, and with that, you need a lot of discipline to get yourself there.  I encourage you to sit down make some decisions for yourself and your family and make your goals reality. 

Kelly Kortright




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