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Opinions are like a$$holes

wicked tired. I am on day 10 past ovulation. The past three days I haven't taken my Vitex because I have been so sick at my stomach. My head is killing me and I have this nagging pain in the right side of my pelvis. I am thinking a cyst on my ovary has ruptured. My breasts have gotten super sore, while I tested yesterday and got a BFN it is really too early but I was unable to keep myself from POAS. (Peeing On A Stick). I have another HPT but its in the car. I will probably pee on it when michael goes into work. 

My bbt was 98.2 and I slept really good last night. Caitlan only nursed once last night at 4 a.m. She's been acting like my milk tastes funny lol. Just 3 more days until I officially test :-D. I am thinking though that aunt flow will be here on Thursday. I don't know why I feel like that I just do. I am gonna take my Vitex to see if the cramps are related to me not taking it like I am supposed to. 

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