SalemWitchChild's Journal

Positive Thought brings Positive Action

I dreamed last night (Really early this morning since I didn't go to bed till 6am) that I had the baby. It was just me and DH at home and I had Wyatt here. But as soon as he was out DH disappears with the baby and I'm like "Hello! There is more than a baby that comes out of there!"

So it seems like forever but I pass the placenta and then jump in the shower to get clean. Seems like forever till I find my baby and even more forever before I start breastfeeding. Then all of a sudden I'm in a field with like a circus or fair going on around me. I'm under a shade tree feeding Wyatt and really really have to pee!

So I wait for someone to come over to take Wyatt. Finally my mother, her Dh, and my DH's parents come over. My DH is there too so I hand Wyatt off to him and me and my mother go looking for a restroom.

When I get there its a barn of horse stalls and for some reason you need to "Ride" a horse to potty! lol I know silly. But all the horses are crazy and want to kill you. I try to ride one because I really really need to go but he tries to run me over so I race out of the stall. I look around and all other horses are so sickly or plain crazy.

So I walk out of the "bathroom horse barn" and walk to an area with a fence and woods/brush on the other side. By this time I can't stand it and tell my mom to be a lookout so I can go pee.

The End! I wake up and go pee. lol

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