Ive recently made a group called Mommy's Getaway..Its a general chit chat group where no topic is mainly focused on...Theres are the forums n what they are about!

Mommy's Family-Any topic on the family such as in laws,child(ren),Dh's/SO's

Mommy's Bar and Restraunt-Any topic to do with food or beverage

Mommy's Masuse-Where we can sit back and relax with a cold one and let our hair down n enjoy good conversation

Mommy's Recreation Room-Where we discuss our favorite past-time,fav activities,what we do to enjoy ourselves

and Mommy's Lounge-Where we hold contests n games and MOTW~

If this sounds good to you then come in and kick off your shoes and relax at Mommy's Getaway at www.cafemom.com/group/mommysgetaway

Hope to see you there with shoes off n hair down!


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