You know I thought that once the youngest of my 3 older kids turned 18 & off on their own, I would never have to deal with or even be in contact with their evil father..boy was I wrong.. He will never as a supposed Psychologist for the state of New Mexico with our Homeless & License in Child Psychology?? will he never do anything to help the damage that has been done to our kids...Always telling me I had better do this or I had better do that because his kids need Mental Health Help ??? WTH???

 Now I am laying it all out.. This Is My Story...

 I met my 2nd husband in a get back at my oldest SIL, my brother had joined the National Guard & was doing his AIT in San Antonio, Texas, & SIL & Jack were having an ongoing affair & prepairing to move Jack into my brother & my neices home. I ws 19 at the time, got drunk & began dating him. I was a young single mother who hadn't had much teaching on being a mom. Dan my oldest was mine from a prev. relationship, at 9mo.s old. We then had Jake, I was 20. On our wedding Day, I knew we were doomed, as soon as everyone left & we were alone, he had recieved a call from his ex wife, turned around call me a bunch of dirty names, knocked me down on the bed, got on top of me, I was 6 mo.s pregnant with my Jacob & Jack started pounding me in the belly & yelling at me that he didn't give a shit if I lost the little matter how much I tried to protect my baby, he would bring his fist down again..when he had had enough, he got up & acted like nothing had happened after he pulled the phone cords from the wall...He began Isolating me from my family & all but 1 ??? friend..I was not allowed to get on the floor with my babies to play, there could be absolutely nothing out of place anywhere, dinner done the second the shower shut off, I was not allowed to even sip a glass of wine & relax, I was thrown down stairs, broken jaw, broken nose, broken wribs, & stomped off finger nails on both hands.. I stayed until I had enough money to run with my babies..At 23 I had my baby girl... I stashed money anywhere I could & waited for our Income Tax Check, my babies were 4-3 & 6 mos. I walked into this relationship drug free & by the time I left with my babies, I was smoking pot & a Meth Addict, he was able to keep me well supplied & he was a dealer.. I left & during the custody hearing, he was able to wrip my babies from me.. His ex father in law, was a judge in the San Louis Valley, the man from Child Protection were very good friends with my oldest sons father & Jack...For some reason my Lawyer dropped my case & I was then ordered to work with Jack's councel to get " TO GET THIS CASE OVER WITH" words from the judge...

 These people all had me believing that "IF You Don't sign concent papers for Jack to Adopt Danny, the state of Colorado was preparing to take him & you will never see him again.." So needless to say, I did what I was told to do, ONCE Again by Men... The day of the final hearing, I was then told by the Judge that this is the first case like this & I am prepared to make you  Mrs.Kelly McKee An Example, because of your way of life, your son is being adopted & you are losing full custody of all 3 of you tiny babies..."

Those words have burned a whole in my Heart & In my Mind...To this day I still have nightmares of the day they took them, my 2 oldest screaming & crying & begging me not to let them take them, & pounding their little hands on the back windows, a scene I will die babie girl just took her 1st steps the night before & the boys & I dancing with my best friend & her 2 babies to disco music, LOL!! Eating Pizza, we had gone on a spending spree earlier that day, as I had also been ordered to turn over any & all money from the Income tax & money I had stashed, so I decided the kids & I would hit all of the SOB's exactly where it hurt, in their flippin pockets & wallets!!! I was ordered to pay $300. a month child support & the 3 times I didn't, as it was late, I went to jail & had to wait for my hearing.. They were all finding crazy ways of maintaining controll, I became so desperate for my babies & their safety that in 9yrs of once every single year I would have him back in court for custody, I went back with him 13 different times, so he would stop beating my babies & neglecting them..him tell them once that I had been killed in a plane crash coming out to see them & once I had been killed in a motor cycle wreck after partying...He finally let his guard down when he moved out to South Dakota, both of us being new to the area & people really seeing him for who & what he really IS, I was finally able to get this all back infront of the Judge, I was so impressed, He Only Had The Best In Mind For The Kids For Once...I did my counceling & drug testing & had carried up to 3 jobs to make sure the kids had every thing they needed.. He had screwed up my wanting to Enlist In The Guard & Army, so I Bartended  & waited tables & did Casino Work & Bartending in Nevada...I worked road construction & any other jobs I could find to get them back with me safely.. I know I did my damage in all of this & that I have & still am trying to make up for it. So happy to say that I never had to sell drugs as he was still doing or sleep with ever baby sitter that came into the house, (wonderful life) it was awefull to watch... LOL, the Laywers do little mock trials & they had used his case with his XXX rated stripper    ex-wife & who had him convinced of being pregnant,not a single, not even twins, but with triplets..(she was constipated for over 3 mos & was huge in the belly, eeeww, ick gross, I even rubbed her belly..: P

 I'll be back later, the story aint done yet....

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