Yesterday, Charl Schwartzel came from behind to win the 75th annual Masters Tournament, finishing with four straight birdies. If your man was stuck to the television the entire tournament, I'm sure you know how difficult it can be to find the right gift for your passionate but not quite professional golfer.

Typically, a man who loves to spend his free time on the course in the sunshine with a close group of friends has a sense of sophistication, but also knows how to relax and have a good time. It's easy to just ask him what he'd like, but what if you want to surprise this man who knows exactly what he wants?

In the article below, I suggest three gift ideas sure to impress any golfer. Please keep in mind that these gift ideas will not be for everyone, and that you can receive your own, personalized, free gift advice by signing up and sending us a quick email.

Gift Idea Number 1; enhance his fun on the course with...

A Golf klub dispenser.

I was reluctant to showcase this item, as the reviews are not as stellar as I typically endorse. However, the fun factor just pushed me over. The Klub Dispenser listed below has the best reviews of the different  brands I researched. After gifting the Klub, be sure to let your guy know that they do need to be treated with care as they seem to be quite fragile.


A Golf Course Cooler.

This gift isn't quite as much fun as the dispenser, but will still be used regularly and will make his time on the course a little bit more fun. No more waiting in the cart-bars that slowly roam the course. He will be able to pack his cooler with the beverage of his choosing, while also providing to his friends (therefore earning some points!)

Gift Idea Number 2; Add a little Funky Fun, and Win Some Points...

My Guys seem to be really fond of trips or events that are catered to their interests but can still be shared with their woman. This gift idea allows you to do both of those things, and can be done as big or small as you'd like.

First step: Buy an Outfit. Wearing a cute, somewhat (but not too) revealing Caddie Costume will be a very integral part of this gift. 

Now that you have the costume, find a golf course that is either close to your man's heart or one that he has lusted after for some time and reserve a tee time for his group. Reserve enough carts for his whole gang, plus one for yourself. Pack a cooler with beverages, course appropriate snacks, cigars (or any other course specialty that you know your man enjoys) and be sure to leave room for the bags you'll be lugging around all day!

Finally, set the whole thing up by offering to caddie for him and his friends (feel free to invite his friends' girls if you'd like as well. A group of men with a cart full of dressed up women serving them beverages and homemade sandwiches will definitely make all of the other men on the course jealous!) 

Gift Idea Number 3; Whisk Him Away for a Holiday.

Every man dreams about trying his hand at the pristine courses whose panoramic views seem so unattainable as they pan by during commercial breaks and during advertisements. Surprise your guy by saving up and taking him away for a long weekend at an unfamiliar course. This may seem beyond your budget, but with all of the discount travel sites popping up out of nowhere, travel no longer costs an arm an a leg. If you'd like us to recommend our favorite courses in your geographic area, just send us a quick email and we will be happy to help!

Thanks again for checking in on the MyGuyDeas Guys Gift of the Week and congratulations to Charl Schwartzel, 2011 Masters Champion!

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