"Are You Listening?"
April 12, 2011                                               Tuesday
                                   Numbers 20:8
God told Moses to strike the rock and water came out. The next time He told him to speak to the rock not strike it. Sometimes in exhaustion or exasperation, we don't pay close attention to God. We assume He will always work the same way. But He doesn't. Sometimes He tells us to wait. That's is why we must always be careful to listen before we take action.
                              Listen-then obey
Father in the Name of Jesus help us to obey Your Word to take heed to Your still small voice and may we not be swayed by men but make Your Will our choice in Jesus Mighty Precious Holy Name Amen. Have   A
                               Blessed Tuesday!

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Apr. 12, 2011 at 6:37 PM

thank you

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