Mallory is so upset with me, I was at work and my mom called and said Mallory was coughing really bad and I had to come get her. that she is sick and she cant watch her and she don't think Mallory should go to school. Well Mallory used to have cold induced asthma issues, she has pretty much outgrown them. but when she is sick she will cough cause the Flem builds up alot. usually right when she first wakes up she coughs like crazy  and if you give her cough syrup she does to for a few minutes. But then she is fine after a couple minutes and my mom knows this but she acted like she didnt.. so I left work to get her and now i have an upset 5 year old, she says she is not sick and I don't think she is she is playing around, and looks fine other then having a stuffy nose, she wants to go outside and play, she wants to go to school and i had to keep her home, I feel bad cause she is so upset and when i called my mom and told her that she was not really sick. my mom just said she was sorry but she thought she was sick and she is sorry she is not and that i missed work for nothing. this coming from the woman who would make me go to school even if i was throwing up just so she could have her latest boyfriend over,. ugh..

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