I realized after noticing my info said my oldest daughter was 8yrs old and she's now 11, it has been over 3yrs sense I joined Cafemom. I don't get online a whole lot but just looking at my post and journals through out these years and going through my divorce and new relationship and having a child... Man...! I really have grown, matured and I'm just glad I can reflect on things and learn from it. It's nice to be able to have a site you go to, to talk to other moms and women about your experience's. I really do value and respect other moms opinion's, good or bad, bc we all share a bond and know a mothers love and struggles. <3 Thanks... Teddi

Lol...! I meant for this to be a journal not a post and it want let me copy and paste it to journals. lol... I refuse to type it again bc it came from the heart and I'm over this computer. lol  Lub ya mama's!! Comment if you wanna...! ;-)

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