Hello Dear Readers...Hope you have had a great Tuesday.  I am sorry I didn't post a better blog but yesterday was a very trying day.  We went to B'ham to talk with my mom's doctor.  She has lung cancer. If you haven't followed my blog before here is a short rundown.  Last March they found cancer during her yearly exam.  She had surgery and removed all the female parts.  Unfortunately, the surgery didn't get all the cancer.  She had six weeks of radiation and a few rounds of chemo.  Finally she got an all clear in January.  HOWEVER she had a hernia come up in her groin area.  They did a CT Scan to see what it was.  During the scan they caught flashes in her lungs.  They found the cancer.  She then had a PET Scan to confirm it.  Then she had a needle biopsy.  They knew it was cancer but what they wanted to find out  if it was its OWN cancer or if the cancer had spread.  They didn't get the clear results.  They feel that it was the orignal cancer and that the cancer has spread to her blood.  She is now considered a stage 4.  They said most likely she will never be cured.  She starts a hormone type pill after her surgery for the hernia next Wednesday.  She will be on it for a couple of months.  If it doesn't help she moves on to a round of Chemo.  At that point the doctor said we will just consecrate on keeping her comfortable.  Keep her quality of life up. So dear readers I am a sad distressed right now.  Heck I even popped the top on one of my Seagram's Escape this evening to try and calm down.  So I am focusing on my sex toy business so that I will be able to quit my other job and I can focus on my mother.  Anyway I now have two very nice ladies selling sex toys under me.  I was so excited to share my love and passion for sex toys with others (without being a pervert).  One of them got her kit today.  She was like a kid in a candy store :)  I had an amazing party on Saturday night.  The ladies were so much fun.  I love it when people have a great time during my parties.  So if you would like to have a party in North Alabama or even do an online party let me know.  Check out my website at www.brownbagparty.com/rara or give me a call at 256-735-3942.







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