Next time you load your plate with mac and cheese and eat the whole thing, here's what you should do next: Grab a couple of handfuls of strawberries.

High-calorie, fatty meals cause artery-damaging blood fats to spike temporarily. But in a recent study, people who followed a high-fat meal with a test beverage of pureed strawberries had a much smaller hike.

Blood-Fat Attack
Specifically, the strawberry concoction seemed to minimize oxidized LDL cholesterol -- a dangerous, unstable kind of cholesterol that likes to chew up the lining of people's arteries. And if that sounds bad, it is. Because an artery wall injured by oxidized LDL makes the perfect place for an arterial plaque to adhere and start growing. Regular exercise and an overall healthful diet are two good ways to help prevent that from happening. But if you have a dietary slip, perhaps a strawberry chaser isn't a bad idea. Just two-thirds of a cup of strawberries reduced oxidized LDL spikes by 115 percent in the study.

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