I have been exclusivley pumping my milk of my dd for the last 14 months! yesterday i packed up my pump for the last time! i am done! ive been slowly weaning for the last 2 months and was only makeing an oz the last few days so it was time to stop! i still have 4months worth frozen so she should make it to a year and a half! im so proud of myself for making it this long! i gave my dd the best even tho everyone told me i could never do it! on my dd birthday i called all 4 of the LC's i talked to in hopes they could get her to latch and when i gave up on her latching and told them i was going to EP they said i wouldnt make it a month, well they were shocked i made it to a year and was still going strong! it was great to kinda throw it in their face! sure i would of loved to go for 2 years but really im losing my mind pumping and i started having dreams of setting it on fire so i didnt want to stress myself out so i will just b thankful i had it 14 months!

so YAY for a real bra and not feeling like a cow anymore!!!!!


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Apr. 13, 2011 at 10:49 AM Yay!!!!! CONGRADS!!! That is so good! U should b soooo proud!! ;) I'm only at 4 months and u trurly r my inspiration to keep it going for my babygirl! Thank u!

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