Not long ago i was living with a man that was very abusive to me both physically and mentally .Life was Hell living each day with him.I could not do my own shopping .I had to dress and be as he wanted me to be .He was cruel .He called me ugly flithy names if i did not do to his liking .I was often told because of my age no one else would want me.I have been shuved had a phone thrown at my head .Told to sleep on the floor in the dead of winter because i would not do that day as he felt i many things packed into a 13 year period.

Mean while a friend would come by who knew us both ,who was kind soft spoken and i began to have feelings for him.I would so look forward to his visits .the middle of the summer before last i went to visit my Mother one of the few times i was ever allowed to be away from him which my daughter looked forward to each summer .The sweet friend and i began talking via cell phone which was my daughters my mother got it for my daughter before .He did not know we had the phone we kept it hidden at home so we could keep in contact with family and friends

He and i talked right up till the time we were to leave to come home to mi.before we were to leave this man asked me to leave this abusive household and move in with him.I was hestant at first but when we arrived at home again i couldnt bear to leave in it any longer.After four days being home while he was at work i packed our bags and we left and moved in with him.Best desion i ever made.

We have noe been together two and half years and am engaged to be married this July.I write this in hope that if there are any women out there in the same sistuation get out go to your family a friends house what ever you need to do .What ever it takes to keep you safe and bring peace to your world.Be strong stand firm and just do it.You never who might be waiting out there to Love you/

I love you hunny thanks for coming into my life ....


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Dec. 11, 2013 at 7:47 PM


I just happened to stumble across your Journal.  This is very both sad and inspiring at the same time.  Even though it took as long as it did, I am glad you got yourself out of that situation and into a better one.   In the past, I too was in a bad relationship.  It wasn't to the extent of yours.  It was more controlling than abusive (if that makes since), but it was still a situation that didn't need to be in and was glad to have gotten out of it.  Today, I am married for 8 years to the man of my dreams.  

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