God is calling us to be righteous, to be a righteous people.  Are we living right? are we following him? how are we living for him? are we in the world and yet still serving him? are we serving him with all our heart, and yet our heart is far from him? how are we living for him? Taking time to pray and seek Him.  Do you know he sees what we do , what we say? do you know he sees.  Yes he sees me and you, and how can we change? change the way we are living.. By asking God to clean us, help us to let go of those things, we shouldnot be doing.  Let go of sin, and allow him to change us.  He wants to see us free.  He wants to be a holy people.  A people righteous , one.. Ask yourself, is there something that I do that displeases him? How can i be free? by confessing your sin, and desiring to not sin no more.  He loves us so much, and says if you love me , you will follow my commandments,, he is calling us, he is calling us to change.  Let go, and be free from anger, be free from things we shouldnot be doing.  He is calling us to be a free people.. will we allow him to come into our hearts, and show us where we need to change... talk to him today,

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