Question: Which of the following rewards would you most likely want?


Personalized Copy Of The Game For Your Children

An "Limited Collectors Edition" of the game? (Special Packaging)

A Framed Copy Of The Orginal Artwork- done by our best friend, Douglas Garcia II, in loving memory of this talented, good soul, taken from us too soon

Recpie Cards For Fun Meals You Can Make With Your Kids

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After a lot of work and research, a golden opportunity was dropped into my lap last week.  A colleague of mine, another author by the name of Paul Coleman, asked me to review his new book, "21 Ways To Make $500 today"  and in this awesome new report, I discovered a resource I never knew existed.

You see, we've looked at every possible route to getting this game, "Two Bites" produced.  Printing on demand ourselves was going to cost double the retail price of this game.  We found a company out of India that would print 'on demand' for a bit less, but once we factored in import taxes, shipping to us, and shipping back out to our customers, we were still losing money.  The only way to get this game out was to get a manufacturing company to produce a minimum of 2,000 units.

Per unit cost was now down to something we could handle, but it was still a sizable up front cash outlay, plus we would also have to find some kind of 'space' to store the product and ship from.

That's when I found out about 'crowdfunding' in Paul Coleman's book.  I had heard of microloans and microfinance sites, and I was considering that route, but crowdfunding seemed to be a better fit for what we were going for.I spent 3-4 days researching the crowdfunding sites, and how to use them, and on April 11, 2011 we submitted our project to the one in Paul's book.  In less than 24 hours, our project was approved, and today, I am working on launching it. 

Crowdfunding works on a 'reward' system.  Those who contribute to the project get various rewards, such as personalized copies, special editions, etc of the product.  Once the project is launched, I will post a link to it to ask for your help in spreading the word about it.   We've already got several rewards, but please take a minute to answer my poll so I can make these rewards even better!

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