so my husband had to talk me into trying for another baby a little over a year ago and after a year of trying one miscarriage and no luck later he tells me he thinks maybe we should not have another one, which is good by me, i was always happy that we got our amazing little boy. so i made a doctors appointment and was gonna get an IUD and now he says the risk is to high for an IUD he does not want anything bad to happen so back to condoms we go since all other forms of birth control make me crazy. because now he is saying what if we change our minds, I think it is bitter sweet to not have another child, although part of me wanted another baby once i got on board, part of me is very relieved i don't have to now, i don't know if that makes me bad but i love spending every moment with my son and i am glad we can give him the quality of life he deserves, with two i don't think we could afford to do that and neither of them deserve that. so our decision for now is not to have another one but you know men that could change and God could always intervene as well you never know so i am giving it to God and taking one day at a time

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Apr. 13, 2011 at 10:41 AM

You gotta do what you feel is best. Don't have another baby if ur not 100% good with the Idea. In time things can change but stick with ur heart.. Hope it all works out for u hun!!!

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