Did you ever say that you wished you took stock in Apple a long time ago?

Now you can be part of a brand new technology and earn money at home from it!

Technology at it's BEST has just been introduced by SendOutCards.


Scan a barcode in the card with a smart phone and your video comes alive!

How cool is that? This is pretty amazing.

This is all in a REAL greeting card, not an e-card!

It also can be played by typing in a URL if someone doesn't have a smart phone.

This is in BETA TEST launch now for about a month until it rolls out in less than a month to the whole company so NOW is definitely a fantastic time to get in.

Combining the power of web 2.0 with the power of personalization with the power of a greeting card.

SOC is leading the industry again.

We are the FIRST with this cutting edge technology!

I'd love to welcome new team members to ride this wave of excitement with me.

I just learned that most of our executives joined SendOutCards within 2-3 days of

learning about our opportunity.

Whether this is 3 days or 3 months or 3 years since you've heard of SOC, timing is everything .

YOU will know when you get that little tingle of excitement

and when you catch our vision and when it's time for you to

take your life to a whole new level with an cutting edge exciting business.


Learn more at http://www.CardBizInfo.com

Watch the video
Send a FREE greeting card, on me,  personalize with pics too!
Sign up with our entrepreneur and wholesale packages to be a distributor
sign up with a retail package to be a consumer with a great fee to send cards

Let me know anytime by e-mail or we can chat by phone

I'm easy to talk to, I promise!

More info at www.SendCardsHomeBusiness.com

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