I'm disappointed because Brittany is disappointed that she's not getting a tax refund. Being a mom means not only having your own feelings, but your kid's feelings too!

Mom's take "bearing each other's burdens" seriously!


With her new job we talk during most of her lunch hours now. Her office is out on Daniel Island in Charleston and there is nothing close. So she eats in the conference room and calls me. I'm usually at my computer over the lunch hour, so it works out.


It got me thinking about how much she and I always find to talk about. (Of course Brittany could talk to a brick wall!) But I remembered when she first started talking and we had her in daycare. We'd pick her up and eagerly say, "What did you do today?" and she would answer "Toys." Then we would ask, "What did you eat today?" and she would say, "Toast."


Everyday. For about a year!


Once she got going though she never really stopped. She quotes entire movies, conversations and books. She tells me her thoughts, her dreams and her plans. I think I could almost DO her job she's explained it so well to me! And she tells on herself whenever she does anything wrong because she can't stand feeling guilty.


Of course I get all her problems. But I also get the heartfelt thanks when I can help!


It does worry me a little that I'm locked into that hour. And my friends will all tell you I'm not the type that "does lunch". I try to get a little work done while we're talking, but most of my work takes a lot of concentration. She's even gotten so she emails me if she's going to be late. And one time John took his lunch late and called after 1pm. When I told Brittany he was beeping in, she said, "This is MY time. He had his chance!"


Another time I was out all day and felt guilty about it the next day because she kept saying, "Yesterday I said to the UPS man..."


But, I am (and apparently always will be) a mom. This is my real job. And I have a daughter who enjoys talking to me and who can make me laugh and make me cry, giving my feelings a real workout. And who gives me the opportunity to bear another's burdens.


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