If you have ever wanted to to try Arbonne now is the time!!!  I don't normally send out an unsolicted email but this is just to good not too....

Time to stock up on Fizz tabs, Large Protein Powders, Fiber and Fizz tabs !!!! This will be a one time special and you will never see it again !!!

Arbonne's Thank You Special

Order by calling Jamie
425-749-2919 or email
Please dont just go on line to order the special is not thru Arbonne but thru us. 

Double your discount
( 40 % off)  retail prices in Arbonne’s REGULAR catalog

What are you out of or wanting to stock up on this year?
Arbonne Essentials Nutrition 
 Protein Shake:  Feel satisfied for longer periods of time with increased energy, thanks to more than 20 essential vitamins and minerals, plus our exclusive Protein Matrix and INNER G-Plex Proprietary Blends, as well as flaxseed for heart health. These Go Easy! Protein Shakes are VEGAN, Gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and do not contain whey.   In each 2 scoop serving you will find 20 grams of sweet yellow pea, cranberry, and rice protein ideal for health, especially when eliminating allergenic food sources. Drinking meals is easier on digestion and allows our body to have energy for detoxification. Use: Replace 1-2 meals per day and use as a recovery shake after a workout.  Flavors Chocolate and Vanilla.  Ask me for different shake recipes for a variety.
     Daily Fiber Booster: This blend of soluble fibers from fruits and grains provides 12 grams of high quality fiber, giving you nearly half of what’s recommended daily. It contains no saturated or trans fats. This non-gritty, flavorless, odorless powder can be mixed with liquid or food. Begin with 1/2 a scoop 1-2x daily and increase to 1 scoop 2x daily.

Energy Fizz Tablets:  
These fizzy tabs help boost energy, control appetite and increase metabolism. The energy tablets contain green tea, ginseng, essential B vitamins, and guarana. Drink between meals for pick me up and for appetite control. May mix with shakes and SeaSource Detox 7 day cleanse.          Flavors: Ctrus surge and Pomegranate Splash.
Fit Chews: These mouthwatering snacks contain the Keep Going Herbal Blend that helps control appetite and delivers a boost of energy. These chews are especially helpful for those who crave sweets and will help stabilize blood sugar levels. Contains astragalus and rhodiola. Use:As a sweet treat at the end of a meal or to help maintain metabolism and curb hunger when a meal is not available. Flavors: Chocolate and Seasonal flavors: Currently Caramel
7-Day Body Cleanse:
Marine botanicals and herbs assist with gentle elimination and flush out excess fluids. Use: Add one serving of concentrate to the SeaSource Logo bottle and 32 ounces of water. Shake to mix. Drink one full bottle mixed with water throughout the day for 7 consecutive days.  Can add Fizzy Tabs or fresh squeezed lemon for taste.  This product is taken with normal food meals during the 7 days and does not require you to be stationed near a bathroom for emergencies.
 Daily Power Packs for Women or Men:
Gender specific packets provide 4 Principles of Nutrition.

1.Complete Nutrition: Multivitamin and multimineral supplements that support the daily dietary requirements for good health. Protects against dietary deficiencies.
2. Optimal Digestion: Blends for women and men include significant digestive enzymes that ensure nutrients from diet and supplements are properly assimilated and broken down.
3. Antioxidant Protection:   From the proprietary Super ProFood Blend that combines fruits and vegetables for a combination that is antioxidant rich, and fights free-radicals and oxidative damage.
4. Body Efficiency: Proper nutrition gives your body the energy it needs to help support daily processes andthe inclusion of botanical blends ensures that specific needs are taken care of too.
These supplements are 100% vegan from whole food sources and provide maximum absorption resulting in increased energy. No colors, starch, preservatives or salt. Use: Take 1 packet Daily with Food.  


NOTE:  Your order(s) will benefit your active Arbonne consultant who is in my organization as I am running this special for my organization!
As always, thanks for your support of Arbonne!!

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