Though the baby sound monitor was once a well sought after baby monitoring device, providing audio information as to the sounds of your baby coming from the nursery room. 

Today there are many more options available when it comes to monitoring your baby.

Even though the digital display age didn't seem to last long, it was the more recent video monitors phase in the baby monitor industry that seemed to have many parents at peace with themselves.  As knowing they could have more then just a baby sound monitor, for they now had digital information along with visual information about their baby at their fingertips.

A couple of years ago, Graco Monitors introduced their Graco iMonitor offering portability as these hand held video monitors could be clipped to your belt or waist, or even a stationary 7" lcd display mounted underneath your kitchen cabinets. 

Eitherway, these babies monitors took on a whole new look and feel as parents wanted to be able to watch their baby's every move, even while they sleep.

With newer technology along with affordability, infant monitors was destine to find a better way, providing even more peace of mind knowing that your baby was well whey they sleep.

Angelcare has been making a movement sensor pad baby monitor that in addition to being a baby sound monitor, could actually monitor your baby's breathing.

These more or less breathing monitors for babies could monitor not so much the baby's heartbeat, but rather their breathing movements that each human routinely does while they sleep.  But to make it even more sensitive so that you could in fact monitor your baby.  This of course is a far cry from your typical baby sound monitor.

Though Angelcare has previously not ventured into the video monitors for babies field, as thier flagship line is their movement sensor pad, the past year or so they have been developing probably the most advanced video monitorying system for a baby monito available today!

And just recently, they have come out with the new Angelcare Monitor AC1100 which includes a 2.75" lcd touch-screen hand-held display.  This is parent unit includes sound, temperature notifications if the room temperature changes and an adjustable video nursery unit in addition to the movement sensor pad.

This will in no doubt become one of the most sought after baby monitor devices that Angelcare has ever produced and will surely become the envy in the baby montor industry.

Now there truely is a shift from the baby sound monitor to the only 3-in-1 video, movement and sound baby monitor to ever hit this market and is expected to raise the bar in what parents and consumers will here forward expect to find in a baby monitor.

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