Lets Focus On Health
Health Care costs have been rising for several years.

Expenditures in the US on health care surpassed 2.3

...trillion in 2008, more than three times the $714 billion

spent in 1990, and over eight times the $253 billion

spent in 1980.


Everyone agrees that Western Medicine is great in an

emergency - for heart attacks and strokes, traumatic

injuries and serious infections, the technology and

pharmacology in our hospitals repair bodies and save

lives every day. But what the medical world decided

to do was use that model for EVERYTHING. In medical

school doctors learn to diagnose disease and prescribe

a pill, or surgery. This approach clearly isn't making us

healthier, despite spending BILLIONS a year on drugs and

medical procedures, our rates of type 2 diabetes, heart

disease and cancer are among the HIGHEST IN THE WORLD

The real way we'll save money is to keep people HEALTHY.


* 70% of Doctor's visits are related to nutritional and lifestyle

related factors.

* Most diseases are PREVENTABLE:

80% of Heart Disease and Strokes are PREVENTABLE

60% of Cancers are PREVENTABLE

90% of Diabetes is PREVENTABLE

90,000 cancer deaths could be prevented annually if people lost weight


Did you Know .... properly prescribed DRUGS is the THIRD leading cause of DEATH in America?

Medication Errors injure over 1 million Americans each year

Preventable Infections acquired in hospitals contribute to more than

88,000 deaths per year.

COMMIT TO PREVENTION which is the first step to control medical costs.

Prevention costs PENNIES relative to TREATMENT.
It's easier prevent illness then it is to cure it.

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