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I found 8 prefolds at a local thrift store. I picked them up because they looked/felt like good quality for a good price. I looked them up after I got home to try and find the manufacturer page to find out what they were made of and washing directions and came across all sorts of hype about them....

I found a listing by searching on ebay for 12 curity stretch that are the same size as mine (not prefolded though so don't know how that affects it) that went for $142.50 plus shipping-

So I posted on diaperswappers (a forum for cloth diapering mamas) to see if anyone knew what these particular ones are worth.

here's some pics.

Well a collector saw my post and is offering me $10 each plus shipping. Which is pretty close to what thediaper lot I found on ebay went for each after the seller paid fees. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed and sent them pics fo front and back of each and waiting to hear back =)

And this is nice because we had budgeted a certain amount into finishing up different parts of our house out of our tax return, and we are about $200 over budget for the first part- we are getting rid of our old entertainment center and dying tv that the color is going out of, got a wall mountable one and are building shelving around it for the dvds, wii, dish box and etc... and then pull out totes for the boys toys underneith. And then building a little open closet into the area on the other side of the storage closet that we can hang coats/jackets in and set up a space to keep mail and etc... The changes. when it's done it should help with keeping the place less cluttered easier.

So being over is gonna cut into the rest of the budget, so I'm going to put the profit from this into the account for that and that will help a bit.

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Apr. 13, 2011 at 3:30 PM

lol, I wish I knew what sets off the automatic market posting. It's a bit annoying having to go back and edit it out and being told to make sure to click the click the button in the future... when it shouldn't have been clicked lol

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Apr. 13, 2011 at 3:34 PM

The collector said she should be able to pay on friday, she's got all positive feedback on ds so that's awesome =) I'm just keeping my fingers crossed and trying not to be to excited til the deal is done. Gonna go package them up now =)

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