Happy Hump Day dear readers....I am so excited I recieved my new Brown Bag Party duffle bag that I got from signing up some new ladies.  It is HUGE I can fit my 9 year old in it next time we go somewhere...lol....I am so stressed.  I have been posting on Craigslist for advertising.  Well I keep getting emails from people trying to sell ME things.  Now see if I have a sense of humor and see the irony in it really but still drives me crazy.  Oh I know what I want to blog about today.  My 15 yr old has started to learn how to drive.  So she drives from my Mother in Law to our Wal-mart which is about 15 miles.  Most of it was on a major highway.  She is doing the speed limit and people are FLYING by us giving her dirty looks.  I should tell you this dear readers...I am a sweet as sugar and kind as an ederly grandmother UNTIL you mess with my kids.  You harm my kids, upest my  kids or even act like you are going to harm them and I will rip you a new one so fast the doctor won't have time to sew it back in place.  So the first jacka&& came FLYING up on her bumper speeds around her going 80 in a NO passing zone hauling a TRAILER (with no tailights) in a 45 mile an hour zone.  So I am already getting pissed off.  Luckily I was in the back with my husband up front.  So she is driving on the hwy when another jacka&& does the same thing....and HE HONKS AT HER...scaring her and endangering not only her and but my other two kids.  So we pull up at the redlight and I lose my mind....I unbuckle and scream at them that she was a student driver and she drives better than them and I of course flip them off.  OK OK OK....I shouldn't have done it...it didn't help her at all...but damn it felt good.  So maybe next time they won't be such jerks when a kid is learning to drive.  So that is me in a nutshell.  Insane and Overprotective mom to three wonderful kids who won't be afraid to throwdown with a jerk on the side of the road if they upest them....till tomorrow dear readers....





















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