Hey there beautiful, mommy friends~
I have had SOOO many people ask me about the 90 Day Health Challenge that I'm on so I decided to share with you what I'm doing and invite you to join if you would like to participate, get healthy, lose weight and have some fun.  
I'm supplementing some of my daily meals with VERY nutritious shakes.  In 7 days, I've lost 5.2 pounds.  I've been trying to get rid of my MUFFIN TOP, 20 pounds of baby weight on each hip, and J-LO BUTT since I had my 2 toddlers but I don't know if they will ever go away!!  :)  LOL!  I've included a picture of my friend Dave who lost 77 pounds in 90 days.  (See below.)  By the way, I allow myself a cheat day on the weekends because you have to enjoy life too right!?
Since I have several people wanting to get started on the Challege I thought it would be fun for us to participate as a group.  If you are interested in participating in the Challenge, please message me
 and let me know that you are jumping on board.  Go to my Body By Vi site at 
www.ready4thechallenge.com and place your order for the kit that you want by Saturday or Sunday, as some of you are ready to start the Challenge now!  Since you are replacing one or two meals a day you are actually saving money versus eating out, buying groceries at the store, etc.  

You can see all the details at 
www.ready4thechallenge.com   One of the videos I love too is under the welcome tab and it's #2, called "What Do I Take?"  Then click on "Join The Challenge", choose your country and then choose the kit that you want based on the results that you are striving for.  I'm personally on the Shape Kit and like I said 5 pounds in less than a week!
I will create a Facebook group for those of you on Facebook so we can post results and pictures as well as provide some great support. Since getting healthy has the added benefit of losing weight, to make it even more fun, the person that sheds the most pounds in 90 days will receive a $25 gift card to Victoria Secrets to purchase some new swim wear/summer wear as well as bragging rights! (Since I have been on the challenge for a week and gotten a jump start, I won't participate for the gift card but will post my results in the group).  I will also post recipes for the shakes in the FB group as there are many great recipes, adding fruit etc.  For those of you not on FB I will send emails out as well.
Getting in shape should be fun and nothing is more fun than a little friendly competition, right? RIGHT! ;)
Did you know studies have shown that 95% of those that get in shape with friends reach their goals?!  So no matter what our goals are, at the end of the day we will ALL be winners, transformed and in better shape, just in time for the official start of summer, June 21st and be supporting each other at the same time!  I look forward to having some great support and fun along the way with you!  That link is 
If you know of someone that would be interested in participating feel free to forward this to them and just tell them to email me directly
 so I can add them to our group.
To everyone's beautiful health! ♥

(916) 253-9952
Facebook: www.fb.com/daninirmcgrath
Blog: www.danimcgrath.com

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