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The Home health nurse finally got here this afternoon...went through my medical history, I listed all my surgeries from early childhood to the hernia repair years ago.  We discussed my medications how to take them, when to take them, etc.  We talked about physical therapy, but right now I want to start work with the DVD I purchased from LFA it looks like the same stuff I did on PT, however I'd like to discuss massage therapy because my upper and lower back could use it during the day because of the osteoarthritis.
He took my vitals, Blood pressure was 100 over 72 which is just about perfection and made me a very happy camper that's for sure...my blood oxygen came up to high 90s which is where I want it to be.  So that was making me feel good.  Then the blood draw, you can see what my arm looks like below from all the blood being drawn from my left arm.  Got a good vein going there so they're going to pump it dry...Doesn't look too pretty though does it?

The phone rang yesterday and I was told I had an appointment set to register and be evaluated for a sleep study...glad someone told me about it since it was supposed to be today...then during that conversation the appointment had been changed from the evaluation to a consultation with the pulmonary studies doctor...interesting.  So I get off the phone thinking I now have an appointment today at 3:00pm for pulmonary studies...I need to call and make sure they know I'm on portable oxygen, was asked if I was sure the appointment was at 3:00, that was the time I was given

Who knew so many foods tasted so good without all of that salt?  I think I could even try unsalted chips maybe with a light dip but I like chips because of the potato mainly so I should be okay without salt. 

Took me almost an hour to get the right number to the doctor's office to let them know I was going to be late...the register receptionist still had me on the list for the sleep study eval rather than the pulmonary study evaluation so we had to get that worked out and I rescheduled the pulmonary evaulation for the 25th...I hope.  I'll call in a couple of days to make sure.  I have to get in to see my regular doctor tomorrow.  Then drop Shannon off to get groceries, been making out a list...lots of fresh apples and oranges, hard cheeses and no sodium breads. 

Of course all of this will depend upon if I can get hold of the oxygen company to come out and check my hook up because apparently a very small part is now missing, (Shannon researched it online), which is why it wasn't working today.  Once I have one that is working I can go to the doctor and then drop her off at the store and I can come home and relax.  I can tell you now that being without oxygen is deblitating, especially after being on it.  In the car trying to figure out what was wrong I got very cold, shivering, even with the heater on full blast.  I could feel myself getting more and more tired but I pushed myself to try and help out.  Once we decided to come in I had to wait until I warmed up a little then I got into bed...very tired, very cold, very sleepy, I was out like a light and slept for three hours.  Shannon had to feed the dogs because I was barely awake at 6:00pm.

Now as I'm getting ready for bed I just had a snack of green tea and nutella on whole wheat bread...you can read about it here...I'm so lame I actually wrote a poem about it ...

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