What can i really say about Oklahoma? Only that it is a very boreing place due to the fact that everyone I know and love lives far away and I feel so trapped here because of the MIlitary.  We did recive orders to New Jersey; exceptionatly close to our home state but to our greatest of foutunes they were canceled! it really upset me that all our friends got to PCS and now we have to make new friends   until we get new orders to hopefully the surrounding area of our homestate.  It really has taken its toll living here for five years with the rare ocassions we could afford to take our vaction to home state.  Its sad to say our family vacations were only to our homestate and no other place, not that we did not enjoy seeing everyone.   The Military shouldn't be aloud to deveate from the dream sheet they give the service memeber.  Everything on his sheet were the East coast and instead they were like who cares heres the middle of the United States. Ugh. I am so glad that my family is so understanding in this matter due to the fact that a large number of them where or are in the Military. 

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