, the company prided on providing free and low cost materials for those teaching and living with individuals on the spectrum, has done it again.  This April, in honor of Autism Awareness Month, will have a contest to give away 100 books to families, community support personnel and school teams who are working with children with autism.

How to Set Up a Classroom for Students with Autism (2007), is a “mentor-teacher in a book” with a wealth of great ideas for teachers and administrators.  It includes detailed instructions about classroom set up, ideas for collaborating with others, data collection and behavior intervention plans for autism and self-contained classrooms.  How to Set Up a Work Area at Home for Child with Autism (2009) was created for parents, however, it has equally useful tips for teachers as well.  It is a must have guide for parents, family members, and in-home support providers looking to enhance the delivery of the home instruction and overall home living. The book is filled with practical advice such as tips for teaching basic toileting, eating, and self-help skills, sample charts for charting progress, and ideas for encouraging independent skills.  Lesson Ideas and Activities for Young Children with Autism and Related Special Needs (2010), provides teachers and parents with over 100 starting points and beginning places for creating meaningful activities for pre-school and elementary-aged students with autism and related special needs.  Each theme unit provides activity based ideas specific to Joint Attention, Imitation Skills, Communication, Self-Help Skills, Independent Skills, Pre-Vocational Skills, Social Skills, Play Skills, Sensory Involvement, Basic Concept Mastery, Vocabulary/Literacy, Fine Motor, and Gross Motor.

According to the rules of the contest, books will be given to teachers, student teachers, beginning teachers, administrators or parents who have limited access to funds, online resources, trainings, and conferences, but still want quality supports related to providing instruction for children with autism. “We want everyone, no matter how much funding their school or household has or doesn’t have, to get what they need to prepare their students for a productive school year,” said S. B. Linton, owner of “We also want to make it easy for people,” she added “to enter the contest, please send a letter or email with your return address stating which books you are interested in, the number of individuals in your group, and why you or your group could use these supports.”

Please send requests by April 15, 2011, to at P.O. Box 3234, Catonsville, MD 21228, or .

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