Well I have a broken foot in two places.... Get this, when I went to the hospital after the accident...They miss read the x-rays on my foot. They said that it was not broken, just sprained and that I needed to move it so I can get it working again.... Luckly because it wouldn't move easly I babied it. If I would have moved it I would have had surgery to fix it. Now I am in a boot for the next 4 weeks until my next doctors appt. .

The police never did find the man that ran me off the road, So he got off scott free...While I got stuck with no car, a stack of medical bills and off work to heal... I can NOT understand how this world works with their laws.... If I would have died in this wreck it would have been stated that I just lost control of my car and no one would even know that it was caused by a drunk driver.. I wish someone would invent some kind of blackbox for cars, like they have for plane.. So that everyone can know who causes the wrecks on our HWYs. Then all these poor people that die on the highways would have justice and not die with every one thinking it was their fault when it wasn't.....

What do you think? 

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Apr. 14, 2011 at 9:52 PM

I think it stinks that you got into this accident in the first place.. .I agree.. I wish that they would do something to get more of the intoxicated drivers off the roads and make it a somewhat safer place.

My mom fell off a truck about a year ago and my God her foot looked horrible.. xrays 2 times .. swellings too bad.. we cant see anything broken though... She went to the surgeon a few weeks ago... her foots been broke for a year. She is wearing a boot for 2 months but he said it probably would not work and he will have to do surgery.. I wish you well and I hope that it gets to feeling better soon!!

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