Money-saving lunch trio


This set lets Mom or anyone else take healthy, inexpensive meals on-the-go. Just think of the great Mother’s Day present it would make! All you need to do is add a card and deliver!

CrystalWave® Soup Mug
• Reheat soups, hot cereals, instant noodles, sauces and more in the microwave.
• 2-cup/500 mL capacity.
• Grape Fizz with Snow White Vent cap.

CrystalWave® 2½-cup/590 mL Container
• Store and reheat from a single container.
• Save money and eat healthier.
• Grape Fizz with Snow White vent cap.

12-oz./330 mL Tumbler
• Includes virtually airtight and liquid-tight seal with flip-top spout.
• Grape Fizz seal.

Only  $19.00

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