How to Ask Him Out

Want to breathe some, well, life into your love life? It's time to take the bull by the horns and put your sexual future into your own hands. One of the biggest benefits of modern dating is that you can ask him out just as easily as he can ask you. Always been the askee? Don't worry — being the asker is simpler than you might think. 

The trick is to ease into it. Make your approach more of a suggestion, rather than an actual proposal. That takes the pressure off both of you. For example, if you find you two have an interest in common, let him know that you'd enjoy trying it together sometime. Plus, choosing an activity to do together will feel less like a "date," where one of you is forced to plan the events of the evening.

Here are some creative ideas to get beyond the age-old dinner-and-a-movie. Your originality will score you some extra points, on top of your stunning smile and winning personality!

See a recently opened exhibit at an art museum. Have a cookout with hot dogs and s'mores. Scope the Humane Society for a new puppy or kitten. Ask him to teach you (or you teach him!) how to play Frisbee. Go bowling. Visit a local winery. Take a trip to the zoo. Rent a tandem bike, and tour a state park. Go apple picking. Have brunch at a newly opened restaurant in town.

The possibilities are endless — pick something you've never done on a date before. It'll be a unique memory for the two of you to share — and an adventure together will give you plenty to talk about on your second date!

Brought to you by Dr. Laura Berman (Passion Files) and Slumber Parties by Tonia

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