travel   For the international spring break--which is a month--Rachel is joining her friend in Italy.  Yes that is what students do over break.. travel freely back and forth to different countries... but Rachel is going solo. Yesterday, I realized just how much by the seat of the pants she was travelling.

Now I am a VERY organized traveller.... hotel and airline confirmation in hand. Of course these contain phone numbers and directions from point A to point B.
When I asked her for her itinerary yesterday, it was such a generalized sketch of what was going on. I mentioned ..."Gee, I was hoping for airline and times, hotels.. etc.

THIS was her response....... I don't have the name of the hotel we are staying in...her friend made the reservations... she  has the name.. and they are not even getting to Italy at the same time! or even the same airport!!!  

Then I read a posting about how poor of an airline RyanAir is..... and I had a dream I got a text and all it said was "HELP!" 

Now I am really nervous.

SHe has a phone card.. I sent her an email with the country codes on it and the colleges emergency number.

Rachel is a pretty good traveller but I know when she gets flustered, she cannot think straight. This is where my concern comes in.

After the brilliant conversation I had about this yesterday, I will be holding my breath for the next 2 days.. until she is able to touch base and let me know she got there.

NO cell phone service there for her. 




well I finally found where she left word she had made it to Italy safely.  No not in an email... but in her blog!  Here I was pacing work all day yesterday, checking my email and it was in her blog.   LOL

Of course it was late at night when she finally  got the chance to write at all. SHe is using her friend's computer since it did not make sense to carry a computer for 4 days... most of which you will be away from the room.

She had some slight bus route trouble but did handle it like a champ.. and some residents helped her find the right bus stop after figuring out she needed a different bus.

Now I can breathe again     LOL


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