I dont know where else to go.. I need to vent but can't where I typically would (my blog) because family can see it..

Let me start at the beginning.. House hunting...

My husband and I were going to buy my grandparents home (both have passed away) and my dad and one of my mother's<- (the power of attorney) brothers, John, and my dad nearly got in a fist fight because of how John is treating my mom. So he called her and told her if she sells it to my husband and I, that he will get and attorney and take her to court because he doesnt believe it is in the best of interest for her siblings and she as the power of attorney is supposed to do what is best and blah blah blah!! So my husband and I walk away from the home and get our realtor to help us to find homes.. We have been looking for two long months and NOTHING has worked for us yet! So thats stress #1.

Then my mother decides she needs to have an affair.. perfect! just what the family with 6 children ages 8, 16, 20, 23, 24, and 25 needs!!!!! She has been saying for the past 10 years or better that she wants to leave, well thats damn hard to do when you have no job so you have no income to support yourself, let alone any minor children!!!

So in the middle of all of this, my dad becomes suicidal over it! He attempted over dosing on pills, became sick and that was the end of that. But he still 'threatens' it thinking it might make her change her thinking and stay. Can't say I blame him for being down and out over all of this. Who in their right might would gloat and be happy about your wife cheating on you after 26 years of marriage!

I am already a busy mother to four amazing blessings! I have a husband of my own to worry about. and we together have our own problems to deal with!! (nothing serious to terrible just the typical stress of house hunting and four babies and all of that good stuff)

My husband says walk away from my parents situation and dont involve myself, but I cant. I have siblings that need me and I have a dad that needs his kids more right now then he has ever needed us. I know he wouldnt walk away from the situation if it was with his family.

Maybe I am just not sure how to balance all of this?! Maybe I really do need to back down and step out of the BS at my parents house. I dont know what to do to be honest. I wish this would all just disappear and I wouldnt have to be in the middle of it.. I hate house hunting, I would just prefer someone to hand me the keys to a house so the process can be done and over with.. I hate that my mother is playing like a dirty whore and being a bitch about everything. I hate that my dad thinks she is worth something to him. I wish he would be mean and fight her and not let her walk all over him! I hate that my husband doesnt understand what I am going through and refuses to listen when I try to talk to him about it. I hate that I hate so many things right now! Its not like me to hate anything!! I am so torn and heart-broken! I never thought I would have to choose one parent over the other, but my mom has left me no choice in the matter. She should have left before she found a boyfriend instead of being a lazy ass and not working and milking my dad for his every last penny!


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Apr. 14, 2011 at 10:34 AM

Wow you really do have some awful things going on around you but it is always important to remember to take care of yourself first you did not create the mess and you cannot fix your parents situation. I know it is hard but it really is not your problem to deal with. There is an excellent book that can give you some great advice on how to cope with the situation though it is called Co dependent no more  I am not sure who the author is but it helped me a lot  when I was trying to untangle all of my own families messes.. Some of us are born fixers and it is not healthy  for us it drags us into situations all the time that make our lives as miserable as the people involved in the messes we are trying to fix. Good luck on you house hunt and try to keep a positive outlook.

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Apr. 15, 2011 at 8:52 AM

What JBaby61 said! I might check out that book myself...sorry so much stress Mary. :( Hope it eases up soon...

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Apr. 15, 2011 at 2:52 PM

Thanks ladies.. Dad was admited to the hospital last night.. He is has already been released.. He signed papers for my brother and I to be his power of attorney when it comes to everything if anything is to ever happen! Now to help him set up his own checking account and stop direct payments into their shared account and then he needs to talk to a lawyer and it will all fall into place after that.. I think its all starting to look up for us. If we could get my mom to just move out already things would be 1,000 times better for everyone.

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