I'm kind of new to Cafemom and have been gone a while. Dh and I moved from Indiana to Daytona Beach, FL to be near my parents, my oldest daughter, and her two children. We've taken a couple months to settle in and love it here so far.

We had to spend the first two months here (feb and march) living with my oldest while looking for a place we could afford. I loved being able to spend quality time with my grand-babies and daughter, but it put a strain on our married life. We had little privacy and got stressed out easy. We did, however, try to ease the stress by going to the beach and tour the area as often as we could. 

We now have our own little place across the street from the beach. It's not much, but it's privacy and the beach is a major plus for a stress reliever. 

My only complaint with Florida is their bureaucracy! You have to have vocational training to get even a job as a MAID here!  I'm a little stressed because Dh is not able to work. I am a certified nursing assistant and it took two month to get my Certification transferred from Indiana to Florida. I paid for not only the Certification, but FBI fingerprint cards and to have the Police fingerprint me. Then I had to answer to minor things that were on my FBI file from over 12 years ago! I've not even had a speeding ticket in over 12 years (I'm 35)! Anyway, after two months of waiting, I got my Certification.

Now, I have to go through the FBI fingerprint process all over again ($54.95) just to be told I am employable in the ACHA system! Apparently just because the State of Florida clears you by way for FBI background check for a License to practice in the Healthcare Field...ACHA has to as well. Some places don't care about ACHA; other's do. So, I guess I will have to shell out more money, fill out more paperwork, answer to the same stuff from over 12 years ago, and wait wait wait. In-the-meantime, I need a job! So, if anyone knows of anyone hiring near Daytona Beach...let me know. I have links to my Linked In on my profile. 

In closing, the move was awesome and I am glad we came. I wouldn't leave Florida Beaches for anything lol.

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Apr. 14, 2011 at 5:46 PM

I heard Florida was a rough state to live in the rules are all different in each state. Glad your enjoying the beaches. Have a swim for me =P

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