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I really, REALLY hate housework...I mean truly LOATHE it.  I envy all those people with nice, neat houses as mine is an utter pig sty.  I try to keep up with it, but as soon as I bust my ass to get it done it gets trashed!  We are a big family...4 kids under the age of 8, 2 dogs, 2 cats and DH and I.  We are constantly on the go and when I have down time I just don't want to spend it cleaning.  Is that lazy?  I feel like a bad mom...

  And then there is laundry...O M G that REALLY pisses me off!  It is a never ending battle for me.  I never seem to complete it...sure I can wash it, get it to the dryer and into a basket, after that it's a lost cause. 

I have been this way my whole life.  As a child my bedroom was ALWAYS a wreck.  I always feel better when things are neat and clean, but it's getting to that point that I have the problem with.  I wasn't taught this way, my mom, though not a domestic goddess, she was not messy and always got on us to clean up after ourselves.  We all had chores to do and did them or ELSE!  Hell, I cant get my kids to pick up anything.


We went on vacation for spring break...we have been home for 4 days and the suitcases are still on the living room floor and we are just picking what we need out of them...I AM PATHETIC!

I did manage to get to the grocery, clean the kitchen and ready things for dinner...meanwhile the rest of the house is totally overwhelming me. It's not like houses you see on tv shows like Hoarders or anything, just messy...baskets of clothes here and there, toys scattered, shoes,  books, etc...things we use daily that just doesn't get put back where it belongs.  I swear I think it's a mental disability or something!

If you took the time to read this, Thanks for listening, now I must go put something back in it's

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Apr. 14, 2011 at 2:33 PM

Pick one room a day to work on. It can be a pain but well worth it once its done.

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Apr. 14, 2011 at 9:09 PM

Your laundry sounds just like mine!!! I actually like getting it washed and dryed and then it goes in a basket and sits there.  lol  And the kitchen table, coffee table and other small table in the living room are like the catch all places for odds and ends that I swear dont have a place to go so they just sit and sit.   And our kitchen counter piles up with recycling that needs a quick rinse and to be ran outside to the bin.  I said I wasn't doing it cuz it was cold, but now the weather is nice and Im sitll not doing it!!  urgh!
At least I can claim to be fat, lazy, tired for a few more weeks   LOL

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