Hey gals!   Since I'm new on here I figured Id give y'all a bit of background on me and let you know my story, cause I'm sure you will all be seeing me comment on a few blogs or begging for advice! 

I am 34.  I met my husband when I was 19, married him at 24, and we conceived the first time we even thought about trying.  We were blessed with the most amazing, beautiful baby girl I could have ever imagined.  She is perfectly healthy, and so very smart.  I nursed her for 11 months, although she was walking and talking by 8 months old, and flying past her milestones and her peers.  From a very young age she has been well spoken and has a love for reading. 

After she was out of diapers, we started trying again.  I can remember sitting in the doctors office having the u/s done to find out the gender, and seeing the most disappointed face on her when the technician said it was a boy.  That was followed by 2 months of "I hate brothers cuz brothers r boys and boys r yucky"

All that changed the day he was born.  I went in to be induced at 7 am, and she had to wait till 8 pm to meet her brother who took his sweet time coming out.  But it was well worth the wait, she instantly fell in love with this new bundle of baby chins wrapped in blue fuzzy blankets. 

When he turned one, family and friends started commenting on how different they were, not a peep out of the baby ever, does he have a voice?  To that I would say yes, wait till he is hungry he lets me know!  I had a difficult time weaning him and had to cut him off completely at 13 months.That winter he had double ear infections from January straight through June.  I wasn't too concerned that he wasn't talking, but I was worried that he wasn't pointing or imitating.  Then he fell and broke his leg the summer before he turned 2 ( climbing on the kitchen chair)  and that is when the violence really started to show.  he would try to hit things or people with this new rock hard cast attached to his entire leg, or stuff wood chips and the sort down inside it. 

When the cast came off and he was about to turn 2 we still hadn't heard him say anything but  "ma" and that was rare.   he would spend hours lining his toys up, then reach to fix something and knock something over, then go back and fix it, and so on.  he would get very agitated if u tried to move them or disrupt him in any way.  He grew very fond of anything dinosaur related, and we finally heard his voice, in a very loud "ROAR" usually followed by him trying to bite us.

I called my local 0-3, and they came out and did tests and said he hd severe communication delays, both in recieving and communicating, and had some delays in motor skills, mostly relating to learning how to run and jump and stuff after the cast came off, but also minor things like not pointing.  They set him up with a team of specialists who came to our home to do his speech and OT and PT. 

Each time they wanted to do a new test on him, he would "fail" the test, due to the communication part, and so they could not rule it out.  Then came the different autism tests, and the "experts".  It took alot for me to NOT tell off the lady who told me she "couldn't be sure" and needed to see him again cuz he wouldn't feed a baby doll play-dough on a spoon. 

After months and all these "evaluations" and tests,  they gave my son an Educational diagnosis of Autism Spectrum PDD.  In part due to that diagnosis, I was able to get him into an excellant preschool program in my local school district for special needs children.  He gets all his PT and OT and speech there, and is only gone 4 days a week for a few hours each day.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE his teachers and would be SOO LOST without them.  They are a wealth of information for me for every question or concern I can think of.  We just found out he did get into the summer school program (YAY!)

So since we started school with him, life has been ALOT calmer at home then it used to be.  He is talking about 6 words now, and pointing.  He doesn't hit or bite... as much.  They get time together getting ready for school, then she goes off 20 mins before him, then he is home for a few hours before her when he usually naps. We have our routines that work pretty well for us at home, with tantrums or fighting between them happening less often. 

Taking him out, is a completely different story.  Some places are no problem.  A walk, almost anywhere, holding hands, is fine with him.  Waiting rooms in doctors offices are usually ok, as long as there is an interesting toy ( that we didn't bring with us) and NO other children ( except Sissy).  Otherwise  I have to be on constant guard that he wont hit scratch kick push  or bite for some random reason.  Crowded places are usually a no, although if its something like a huge outside fair and there is a place to escape the noise until he calms down then its ok.  Restaurants are a usually never, although we had 1 great experience in a friendlies at 11 am on a monday.  we crossed our fingers, ate fast, had desert made to go, and were thankful we actually didn't cause a scene or have to feel sorry for anyone not getting a peaceful meal around us! 

My daughter is a wonderful big sister.  She is loving and protective, even though he is often violent towards her or destructive to her things.  ( he has finally stopped eating her books!)  We have had a few incidents with neighborhood kids being very mean about her brother being different, esp after he tried to attack them or throw something at them ( never a dull moment).  I am so very proud of her patience with him and what she has to go through dealing with him. 

So that's me in a nutshell for now... thanks for reading!  :)

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Apr. 15, 2011 at 2:29 AM

welcome to cafemomThanks for sharing this with us! You sound like a great Mom...with a couple of sweet children! Hope you enjoy the site!

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