One way to start establishing an avenue for passive or residual income is with freelance writing.

Start writing for a variety of freelance writing sites online that pay by residual payments. These sites are often called revenue sharing sites and pay either based on the number of clicks on your story or by a share of revenue that your page earns from the Google ads placed on it. What this means is that instead of paying you a certain amount of money up front like $20 an article, they pay a certain amount per click over time. Over time this can add up to a lot and if you have a lot of articles out there on different sites they can keep earning you income long after you are done writing them. Articles need to be “evergreen”, meaning they are on a topic that will stay relevant over time. Instead of writing on “Top 10 Toys in 2011″ make it a more evergreen topic by considering a title and topic that will continue to get you clicks month after month and year after year. Some sites that pay based residual payments are

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